10 Tips to Name Your Company

Browsing through the web I came across an interesting post titled 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Smart Naming. The post refers to naming companies and businesses, but since most websites can be considered businesses these days, I figured that the information could be useful for people looking for domain names as well.

Here are the first two points:

1. Don’t be overly obvious. Sterling is a lovely word, especially in the United Kingdom where it defines the basic British monetary unit and has come to mean “of the highest quality.” But it is so obvious a choice that more than 700 U.K. companies have the word “Sterling” in their name.

2. Do consider the context. For instance, consider the context for product and company names ending with the letters “-is.” Remember the sarcastic comment by Donald Trump about the name Allegis? He said it sounded like “a world-class disease.” That’s because there are a host of diseases and ailments with that ending — arthritis, gingivitis, encephalitis, syphilis. It doesn’t seem that was a consideration when Rhone-Poulenc and Hoechst merged creating a life sciences giant. The result: Aventis.

Check out the original article to read the remaining eight points.



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