Poll: Do You Trust More .net or .org Domains?

We all know that a .com extension is always the best way to go for a commercial or content website. Educational institutions might prefer .edu, and some people targeting a specific country might prefer a local extension like .co.uk, but on all other cases .com is king.

Unfortunately, finding a good and available .com domain these days is a tough task, and often times people need to settle for a .net or .org. Usually, in fact, only the .com version of their wanted domain will be taken, while both the .net and .org will be still available. In those situations, do you think the person should go with a .net or with a .org?

Notice that I am not asking what is your personal preference, but if you trust more a .net or a .org domain?

Suppose you were searching in google for “video games.” There are only two results: videogames.net and videogames.org. Which one would you click if you could check only one of them?

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