Foursquare Raises $10 Million in Funding, Forgets To Renew Domain NameFoursquare Raises $10 Million in Funding, Forgets To Renew Domain Name

Picture this: you are a venture capitalist, and you just invested $10 million of your hard earned funds in a promising Web 2.0 company. A couple of days later you decide to visit the company’s website, only to find the famous Godaddy parked domain page there. That is right, the company forgot to renew its domain name and let it expire!

This is what happened with Foursquare, one of the fastest growing startups around. The lead is coming from TechCrunch. Here is a quote:

Yesterday, Foursquare had some downtime. That’s nothing new, startups have downtime all the time — see: Twitter, that was their M.O. for about a year — but the reason for Foursquare’s appears to be a little humorous.

While the site is back up and running now, it appears that Foursquare forgot to renew their domain name, which expired on March 25. As a result, GoDaddy, the registrar, pulled the site and put up their own landing page. Which some people noticed on Twitter and other tipped us about.

Luckily all the company had to do was to renew the domain and they were back in business. Still a pretty funny story huh? If nothing else, go to your registrar right now and make sure your important domains are on auto-renew….



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